What is the Best option to increase Penis Size?

Penis enlargement is somewhat harder than what you think. Many of the men trying different products, pills, gels & more ways to enhance penis size. But if none of them worked you did all the things in wrong way.

Here we provide some of the excellent ways to increase your penis size naturally without getting any pain.

Penis is the wonderful organ which is help to achieve excellent pleasure on human body. Sex is one among the best pleasure for humans. By having good penis you and your partner enjoy well. If you don’t then both of you disappoint.

Having very long or average penis is not an issue. But having small penis is issue. Because by using small penis we can’t able to attain maximum pleasure.

But increasing penis size is not a big deal. Some of the standard methods will help to increase the penis size. Those are:

Top 7 ways to increase penis size

  1. Penis enlargement Pills
  2. Oil & Gel
  3. penis pumps
  4. Kegal Exercise
  5. Stretching devices
  6. Weight hanging
  7. Penis surgery

These are the top 7 ways to increase penis size.

lets’s discuss each methods in a brief.

1. Penis Enlargement pills:

Enlargement pill is the best option to increase penis size. If you take penis enlargement ayurvedic medicine then it will be very good. Because there is no side effects on the ayurvedic medicines.

Many of the persons get some good results by using supplements.

2. Oil & Gel:

Oil and Gel are used to increase penis size. Some ayurvedic oil like black jeera oil, olive oil have functionality to increase penis size naturally. Some gels also used to increase penis size. By applying and massage penis once in a day will give some good results.

3. Penis Pumps:

Penis pumps are another good way in our list. Penis pumps are available in online marketplace. By using penis pumps you can get some result. But result is temporary only.

4. Kegal Exercise:

Kegal exercise will help you to increase the blood circulation to the penis. Do Kegal twice in a day will help you best results.

5. Stretching devices:

Stretching devices will give you the best results if you use wisely. But this process takes more time than other methods. You can wait upto one year to see visual results.

6. Weight Hanging:

Weight hanging is the method to increase penis size. Hanging small amount of weight on the penis with the help of rope will give you some results.

7. Penis surgery:

Last but not least, Penis surgery will help to increase the penis size. Many of the penis don’t get long because of some tissue lock in the penis. By doing surgery we can remove the tissue. But it has long term side effect.

I hope you are all find some good information about penis enhancement. Share your best method on comment section.