How to Increase Penis size naturally without medicine

Enhance penis size is somewhat harder task than you think. But it is not impossible. Yes it is possible if you work smart and follow the below principles. This article will help you to increase your penis size naturally without any medicines. So, keep reading.

Many men’s problem:

Many of the men often worry about their penis size. Because of that they loose confident and self esteem. They also socially week. They can’t able to behave freely at social interactions. Penis is a big part in men’s life.

The average penis size in India is 5 – 6 inches. This is enough to satisfy women. But men often watch porn movies and expect 8 – 9 inch penis. This is not possible. Because they take supplements and genetically their penis size is long. Black and English men penis is somewhat longer than Asian men penis size. But many of the Asian men do not understand this.

Anywhere between 5 – 6 inch means you do not worry about penis size. But below 4 or 3 inch means you should be seriously consider to increase penis size. So, how to do that? There are three ways to do that. Those are Kegal exercise, Penis stretching and massage. Lets see each one in brief.

1. Kegal Exercise:

This is the best way to increase penis size. By doing this exercise you can gradually improve blood flow and penis size. Blood flow is the number one reason for all penis problems. If you understand why blood is not flowing to your penis then you find the answer.

By doing Kegal exercise you can give maximum blood flow to the penis. How to do this exercise?

The above image is the best explanation of Kegal exercise. By holding this position for 2 – 3 minutes will help to flow blood to the pelvic region, and your penis. Doing this exercise twice a day will help you the best result.

2. Stretching:

Stretching your penis will also help to increase the blood flow. This method will definitely work and its proven method to increase penis size.

By following below rules and stretching your penis will give best results.

  1. Do not stretch when penis is erect.
  2. Do not use any cream. if you want you can use organic oil like olive oil or black jeera oil. These two oil helps to increase penis size.
  3. Do not lie down and stretch. Stand up and stretch.
  4.  1 – 2 minute is enough for stretch and do this twice a day for best results.

lets move onto next method.

3. Massage:

Penis massage is the best way to increase size of the penis. By using olive oil or black jeera oil you can massage your penis.

Massaging with small stroke will give you the best results. Don’t ejaculate. If your penis is erect while massage then stop massage after some time you can continue it.

By doing all these methods anybody can increase penis size upto 2 – 3 inches.

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