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Injections and Surgeries are available to enhance penis size. But those are provide side effects. So, how to increase penis size naturally? Penis enlargement ayurvedic medicine helps to grow your penis naturally.

This is the question for many of you. Of course here we will help you to enhance your penis size naturally. Mostly foreign countries penis size is different than Indian penis size. In porn videos you often see long penis. Don’t compare your penis with their. Because they are professionals and do lots of work to take care of their penis.

Indian male normal penis size is  5 – 6 inches (With erection). 40% of of Indian men worried about their penis size. Most of the men mentally disturbed because of their penis.

By taking Ayurvedic supplements u0026amp; doing regular exercises we can improve penis size and also get strong penis.

Losing weight is the easiest and healthiest way to make the penis shine again in its entire length.

For Thousands of years larger penis has been a very important concern for men because of symbolisation of masculinity and virility. Even today most men spend time scanning through the internet looking for better ways to increase the penis size.

Unfortunately the men in today’s Times continue to feel the constant pressure shame and embarrassment related to to the size of the penis which ultimately leads to sexual dissatisfaction. a constant comparison with various TV commercials internet videos and magazines lead to insecurity that could also lead to tension and sexual dissatisfaction.

All the studies have not shown any relationship between the increase in the penis length and race, but certain evidences do suggest that they could be some variation according to the penis size in relation to that of the different ethnic groups. For example East Asians have slightly shorter stretched penile length as compared to that of African American and Caucasian ethnic groups.

You sometimes cant necessarily tell the size of the penis when they are soft. Some people having flaccid and small penis can have impressive erections and grow into big ones. They are usually known as growers.

With the recent advances there are various methods that have come up that help in increasing the penis size and also maintain it without further shrinkage. So without any further adieu let’s begin!!


Ayurvedic medicine has always been one of the most reliable remedies when comes to penis enlargement. The amalgamation of various types of the herbs can help in the enlargement of the Penile length to certain extent.


In this immensely tech savvy generation the various penis enlargement pills and creams have become very popular. Alike the ayurvedic medicine these pills and creams sometimes prescribe help in maintaining the proper erection thereby increasing the penis length.

Penis Enlargement Oil:

By Massaging your penis with the oil can help to get your penis longer and stronger. Mostly massage helps to increase the penis size. Blood flow will increase so that erectile dysfunction will solve by using the penis oil.


Penis enlargement pumps are often used to treat erectile dysfunction as it draws the blood from the base of the penis and thereby making the penis swollen. This helps in increasing the the length by increasing the blood flow.


Exercising also has been one of the most important and one of the most popular techniques when it comes to do penis enlargement. It refers to penis massage with hand over hand motion to push the blood from the base to the tip so as to maintain the erection.


These extenders and traction devices have also proved to be fruitful when it comes to penis enlargement and maintaining the erection. They are designed to stretch the penis with the help of the traction forces.

The above techniques have proven to solve the problem of penis enlargement to certain extent thereby keeping insecurities and the social stigma of the recent generation at bay 

We at amneeded.com are committed to provide the best penis enlargement products that are delivered in clean study and discrete packaging. 

Happy shopping!! 

When supposedly too small penis often helps the consultation

Men who are dissatisfied with their penis should contact a urologist with the additional name Andrology. For most unsettled men, the advice dispels all fears , as a study shows.

Men could also reassure the result of a California study with 50,000 participants: 85 percent of the women surveyed were satisfied with the penis size of their partner, but only 55 percent of men with their own limb. So many men put themselves under pressure which is completely useless. Finally, the same applies to the penis: quantity does not decide on quality (during sex).

Final Words:

So, Don’t stress yourself if you have small penis. By taking healthy supplements and taking regular exercise any one can improve their penis health. Stay healthy u0026amp; Stay active.

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