Penis Enlargement Ayurvedic Medicine in India

Many men think that their penis is too short, because they are based on the gigantic members of porn actor. However, the techniques for augmenting surgery to injection are not optimal and can produce ugly, lasting side effects – like the “mandarin penis”.

Injections and Surgeries are available to enhance penis size. But those are provide side effects. So, how to increase penis size naturally? Penis enlargement ayurvedic medicine in India helps to grow your penis naturally.

This is the question for many of you. Of course here we will help you to enhance your penis size naturally. Mostly foreign countries penis size is different than Indian penis size. In porn videos you often see long penis. Don’t compare your penis with their. Because they are professionals and do lots of work to take care of their penis.

Indian male normal penis size isĀ  5 – 6 inches (With erection). 40% of of Indian men worried about their penis size. Most of the men mentally disturbed because of their penis.

By taking ayurvedic supplements & doing regular exercices we can improve penis size and also get strong penis.

penis enlargement medicine india

Losing weight is the easiest and healthiest way to make the penis shine again in its entire length.

Porn is putting pressure on men

“With this desire, the easy availability of pornography plays a role in the 21st century, which provides a false picture of the man, especially for young, inexperienced men,” warns Christian Leiber, head of the section Andrology at the University of Freiburg. As is known, porn actors are chosen because of their penis length. But 95 percent of men can not keep up, they have an average long penis.

Pull the penis to measure something

About measurement technique (erected, not erected) and average length of the penis , however, there are different statements. “The penis is measured by grasping it behind the glans penis, in the unrealized state, pulling something forward (stretched length) and then measuring to the glans point,” clarifies Christian Leiber.

An international study with 15,000 men showed that the average length of the Indian penis is 8.8 centimeters.

Extend micropenis

But is penis enlargement / enlargement from these motives even serious? “This is problematic and is hardly medically acceptable in this area,” says the andrologist. Only the so-called micropenis, which is seven to nine inches long, is considered a medical indication. However, this specimen is very rare.

The common measure is then to cut over a 4 to 5 cm long incision on the penis root, the front straps of the penis. “As a result, the penis in the flaccid state hangs down to two centimeters more,” reports Christian Leiber.

Scarring after penis surgery makes the limb even shorter

However, it is only an optical extension. The penis itself has not become longer. However, the capping of the ligaments may limit the stability of the erect penis. “It may be at the transection cuts to scarring, the ligaments tighten and the penis is shorter than before, ” warns the expert.

The real penis extension would have to affect all three erectile tissue

In order to actually lengthen the penis, theoretically, all three corpora cavernosum, including the one around the urethra, would have to be treated. In the case of the two penile corpora cavernosum, this is only possible by using erectile tissue implants. Otherwise the erectile function is lost.

In practice, however, this is virtually impossible, because urethra and nerves would also have to be longer – and this is only very limited feasible. A maximum of 1 to 2 cm are won.

Prolong penis is impossible

“The fact is that there are actually no good ways to actually extend the penis,” says the andrologist. While some plastic surgeons have made interventions in this area, some of them lack the urological qualifications that should be required in this area.

Penis thicken with autologous fat or hyaluronic acid

To increase the size of the penis, some doctors inject fat or other fillers such as hyaluronic acid. For this purpose, they use fat from the pubic mound of the patient and inject it under the skin of the penis. “That makes sense on the one hand,” says the andrologist. Because often a thick belly obscures the view of the penis. Is then removed – even by lipoplasty – the limb comes out better again.

Dents on the penis after injections

The injection of the penis, however, can lead to unequal distribution. “Imbalances and dents are possible,” says the urologist from practice, when men look for a failed penile thickening in the clinic advice.

However, the body’s own fat is at least tolerated. It looks different when substances such as hyaluron, silicone, Vaseline are used. “There are many substances being experimented here,” says Christian Leiber. It can lead to severe allergies and rejection reactions.

Penis stretchers and creams for more volume and length

Even gentler methods, such as the penis stretcher, in which the member is stretched by the hour, penis weights, creams and pills are less effective. “Although stretching can actually achieve a bit more length,” says Christian Leiber. But as soon as the training with the equipment is stopped, the penis gradually returns to its original size.

Similarly, the treatment with tablets as well as locally applicable products such as ointments, creams, gels and lotions “is scientifically unstable,” says the urologist. Even testosterone helps a little here . Because the length growth of the penis takes place in puberty and is then irrevocably completed.

penis enlargement medicine india

Ayurvedic Penis Enlargement Medicines in India:

There are many of the Penis enlargement medicine out there in India. But most of the products don’t show any results. We have tested and reviewed mostly all available products. But only few of the ayurvedic medicines gives best results. Those medicines are follows:

  • Xtralarge Products
  • Mrenlarger products

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Penis Enlargement Pump:

Most of the men using their hand to enhance the penis size. But using hands does not help to grow penis as much longer but pumps can do. Yes, They can pull and push your penis in all side and make your penis stretch. So, blood flow will be very good and your penis size will grow naturally.

Penis Enlargement Oil in India

By Massaging your penis with the oil can help to get your penis longer and stronger. Mostly massage helps to increase the penis size. Blood flow will increase so that erectile dysfunction will solve by using the penis oil.

When supposedly too small penis often helps the consultation

Men who are dissatisfied with their penis should contact a urologist with the additional name Andrology. For most unsettled men, the advice dispels all fears , as a study shows.

Men could also reassure the result of a California study with 50,000 participants: 85 percent of the women surveyed were satisfied with the penis size of their partner, but only 55 percent of men with their own limb. So many men put themselves under pressure – completely useless. Finally, the same applies to the penis: quantity does not decide on quality ( during sex ).

Final Words:

So, Don’t stress yourself if you have small penis. By taking healthy supplements and taking regular exercise any one can improve their penis health. Stay healthy & Stay active.

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